New Year’s…A Bit Late

Osechi New Year's Day 2009

Osechi New Year's Day 2009


First, the above photo is from our table on New Year’s Day.  I forgot to take my camera to the shrine the night before.  This is traditional New Year’s food.  It is only available once a year.  Dear husband loves it and it take everything I have to keep him out of it until New Year’s Day.  I think I did alright.  Not bad for the non-Japanese wife. 

Next, I have had this post in my head for days.  But the quiet time to sit down and write just hasn’t been there.  School started yesterday, which is good for dear daughter and me.  She has missed time with her friends, I have missed time to think clearly. 

Last week I listened to my favorite podcast, Sticks and String by David Reidy  His essay that show was on tolerance.  My marriage caused some distance between myself and my family and friends.  Not the physical distance, which is the first thing to come into everyone’s mind.  The emotional distance.  When I married dear husband, I made a statement about myself.  That I would live the life I wanted, with the man I love, with or without the approval of those I hold dear.  This act of  confidence, coming from me at that time. was out of character.  So, I took “The Road Less Traveled”  And that has made the difference for me.  After listening to David’s essay, it made me think.  That how strong could the affection for me have been, if it could be so easily dismissed.  If I care for someone, I want them to be happy.  It has been a difficult realization that those I held in such regard do not feel the same way.

It led me to think of my New Year’s resolutions, and things I would like to accomplish in this year.  As I become older, the rate of time passing seems so much quicker.  I look at my daughter, and can not believe that that tall, beautiful child is my baby.  When did that happen? 

1. Mend the strains in my life.

2. Lose 2-3 kilograms… I know, isn’t this the goal of most of us.

3. Get a least 7 hours of sleep each night. 

4. Be brave by attempting to get a Japanese Drivers License.  This one may take more strength them I am capable.

5. Realize that I set the mood in our home.  If I am happy and calm, so goes the home.  This is also contingent on #3.

Happy New Year to all.  Here’s hoping 2009 is a good year.


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