We saw the sun

Today we saw the sun, after what seemed like days of cold, gloomy, rainy, March-like weather. Yesterday was 13C, today 23C. In order to take full advantage of this lovely change is weather, Mom and I did a bit of shopping, then had lunch at our favorite curry restaurant. Mom had her favorite, Chicken Curry, and I had my favorite, Channa Marsala, extra hot. The naan there is the best. We both left smiling and “stuffed to the gills”. It is these times I miss the most and I can’t believe our three-week visit is almost finished.
I really have ADD when it comes to my knitting. I just can not stop casting on. It is like I am on a search for a project that will be fun, easy, portable and hold my attention to the end. Any ideas? Just let me know.
Last week, I spent two days taking pictures of my yarn stash and adding them to my Ravelry page. I did have a since of accomplishment, at least for a few minutes. You can find me there as…Tokyomama.
Well, Wild-Thing needs to get in the shower. She has school tomorrow. Four more weeks of school. You know, as a mother, there is that one day or two at the beginning of summer vacation when you are relaxed and happy that school is out. No bentos to make, uniforms to press, homework to review and argue about. Then the “What should we do now?”, and “When do we go to Grandma and Grandpa’s house?” start and that relaxed, zen state of mind I was so enjoying is gone until school starts, when I have a day or two of silence and knitting, before I realize the rat race is starting again.
If all goes as planned (AKA, if I get my self together in time), tomorrow is Stitch n’ B***h. I hope to take Mom with me. That old time together thing. I should stop thinking before I start crying.




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