Good Coffee, Good Company, Good Knitting

Wow, my first blog post…Today was Stitch and B****h with the Tokyo Daytime Knitting Group.  A good day of talking (English!), good coffee and time to enjoy my knitting without interruption.  I was happy to be joined by old friends and new friends.  And to have the chance to enjoy seeing everyone’s projects.

I worked on the Melanie’s Twist sock in Cherry Tree Hill Supersock that I have put aside too long.  So long in fact that I spent all last evening looking for my notes.  So I spent the first part of my morning examining the progress on the sock so far so I can duplicate the second sock.  I did get quite a bit accomplished.  Let’s hope this continues.  I also finished a few rounds of the Elizabeth Zimmermann EPS pullover.  It is the never ending knit stitch.  I hope to see a great sweater in the end.  And it does make for good travel, talking knitting.

Mom’s e-mail this morning said Dad was still not up to par.  I am worried, but will wait for an update.

I will try to stick with my goal of “no more casting-on” until I finish half of what I have on the needles.  This could take a long time.


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